Professional Human Capital Training

Research and Development Competency Enhancement Training
Technology Marketing Executive Program (6 months program)

What is Executive Program?

This program aims to raise the level of thinking and action power of each R&D personnel
to the world class level, enabling participants to master the ability to create business model
by themselves, and enhancing the research and development competency of the organization
through co-creation.
Specifically, in addition to expertise and technical skills, the program enhances
1、“Awareness/Insights/Field Power” for dissecting people and market / enabling different
ways of seeing things
2、“Idea generation/ structural thinking/ Super Common Sense/ Strategic Thinking” for new
market creation/generating breakthrough to realize high level of research and development

This program is designed for a small group size of core executives, a group of 12 persons (maximum 16 persons)
is recommended.
■First half of the program will be conducted in interactive lecture (dialogue) format, with extensive use of plenty of
R&D case studies as analysis materials There will also be outdoor training to cultivate awareness, training of structural
thinking to enhance conceptual skill.
■Second half of the program requires each participant to set a new theme for his or her own study, applying
“R-ZERO-9 Format” to his own theme in order to master the know-how more effectively. In this way, the participant
will be able to apply the know-how learned in the program to his or her work more smoothly after the training.
While working on the theme, individual coaching will be conducted. Furthermore, all participants will report in front of
others and ideas are initiated in the process of intense exchange of opinions.

Schedule Training Schedule:6 months 集合研修1 (1日スタート・アップ)研究開発基盤力学習 集合研修2 (3日間の合宿)アウトドアを含む洞察力学習 集合研修3(2日間の合宿)発想力・コンセプト力を高める学習 集合研修4 (3日間の合宿) ビジネス思考力学習・自己研究テーマの設定と討議 集合研修5 (2日間の通学) 自己研究テーマの発表と相互評価 個別ファシリテーション(随時)各自の習得レベルに合わせた個別指導 役員発表と評価 (1~2日) 各自R-ZERO-9形式で発表 集合研修6(1日ファイナル) 役員評価と研修全体を通して、将来に向けた自己方針を発表

Wits Management Consulting has written more than 1,000 original
cases on research and development.
Based on the issue of each company, we will choose the most
suitable case analysis to design the program.

R- ZERO-9 CANVAS is a R&D management check sheet developed originally by Wits Management Consulting that greatly enhance the chances of success in research and development. During the training, based on the format, each R&D personnel will set a new theme that relates to the future of his or her company, and work on it as a preliminary development project. As a result, the training not only brings about new technology or new products, but also enables the participant to master the know-how of research and development.

Standard of Training fees Basic fee for 12 persons for 6 months is 12 million yen. (excluding tax) Fee changes according to the number of participants or training period, please feel free to discuss with us.