Professional Human Capital Training

TrainingProfessional Human Capital Training

A company derives its source of power from the extent each person creates his or her dream, conceptualize it,
and commit to make it happen no matter what.
We can create together with you a virtuous cycle of that situation, by changing the daily consciousness, viewpoint
and thinking pattern of people.

Research and Development Competency Enhancement Training

Technology Marketing Executive Program (6 months program) Read more
This program enables R&D personnel to create business model by themselves with high competency.
Leveraging on technology, it enhances the structural and business thinking skill in market creation. The skill to
dissect people and market, and the awareness of different way of seeing things will be enhanced. Idea generating
skill and challenging spirit that bring about breakthrough will also be enhanced.We approach each company by
focusing on their issues and provide them with the most suitable training contents. Each participant will set his or
her own new theme for study and learn from actual implementation of his or her own ideas. The lecturer will
facilitate individually so that each person’s ability to implement can be surely enhanced.
Technology Marketing Program (1~3 months program)
This short-term program focuses on interactive lectures and case studies.
(The know-how learned in this program is the same as that of Executive Program, but each person does not need to set a new theme for study)
Technology Communication Program (1 month program)
This program enables R&D personnel to convey the value of new technology in ways that anybody can understand
easily. Often, R&D personnel tends to use technical terms to convey how proud they are about the advantages of
the new technology. When this happens, the technology may be wonderful, but the value is not conveyed. Instead,
what really matters and should be talked about is how interesting the idea is, and what benefits it can bring to
people’s living and future. In this program, participants will learn about 5 Communication know-how by which they
could use to engage journalists to absorb the information of their R&D achievement easily by heart, and be inspired
naturally to want to convey the message to many audiences.

Development Strategy・Conceptual Skill Enhancement Training

Structural Thinking Skill・Conceptual Skill Enhancement Training (5 days program)
This intensive program focuses on enhancing conceptual skill. Through case studies of industries such as
telecommunication, automobile, electric appliances, medical, food, cosmetics etc., participants discuss on what
really happened at the R&D frontline and learn from them. Also, this program incorporates the proven method
of enhancing implementation skill by consciously utilizing two types of thinking, namely the Linguistic Thinking
and the Perceptual Thinking.

Rendering・Design Skill Enhancement Training

Rendering・Design Skill Enhancement Skill Program (5 days program)
Designers who led the design operation at the frontline of companies such as Honda and Opel will coach the
participants in person. Participants will learn to enhance their senses with the use of marker and pastel.
PC Rendering・Design Skill Enhancement Program (5 days program)
This program helps participants use Mac for PC rendering.

Marketing Action Power Enhancement Training

Marketing Young Executive Program (period and contents varies and are adjustable)Read more
This program utilizes interactive lectures and case studies extensively to help participants master the action power in
a short time. The training period ranges from 1 day course to 6 months course, depending on clients’ requirement.
Marketing Creativity Enhancement Program (1 day program)
This program focuses on the creativity and idea generation needed for putting marketing ideas into action.
Interactive lectures and case studies are used extensively to help participants master the action power in a short time.

Communication Strategy Enhancement Training

Communication Briefing Program (1 day program)
This program enables participants to master the briefing skill of expressing one’s ideas within one minute and
enhances one’s communication skill.
The frontline know-how of top award winner in the advertising industry will also be taught.
※For the enhancement of communication skill regarding R&D achievement or new technology, please refer to
▶ the contents of Research and Development Competency Enhancement Training.

Change Leadership Training

Middle Management Program (3 days program)
This program enables participants to learn from many case studies where companies were facing all kinds of
issues at the frontline and managed to resolve them to achieve desirable results.
It is a program that enhances the management skill needed by many middle level managers nowadays as they
are facing numerous serious issues.
Continuous Progress For Senior Management Program (Timely training period as needed)
Different current issues of each company are shared and optimum program will be designed for the business leader.